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OSRAM dienas gaitas lukturi PX-4
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OSRAM dienas gaitas lukturi PX-4
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LEDriving PX-5 – the modern daytime running light for retrofitting on your vehicle. High performance and stylish. Compatible with a wide range of models and easy to install.

Excellent safety

The LEDriving PX-5 is an easy-to-install retrofit solution for greater safety. Since February, 2011, all new vehicles must be equipped with a daytime running light according to European Directive 2008/89/EC on daytime running lights.

Simple installation

The careful design of the LEDriving system ensures a horizontal tilt of 10 degrees. In addition, the left-hand and right-hand lamps can be switched, thus making installation uncomplicated.  The daytime running light contains all the components you need as well as a set of easy-to-understand installation instructions.


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