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DJI Lightbridge
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DJI Lightbridge
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Product Information Features THE FIRST ALL DJI 2.4G FULL HD DIGITAL VIDEO DOWNLINK Use with other low latency film making equipment for the best experience. MASTER-SLAVE MODE One ground system sends control signals and receives video, additional ground systems receive only video. DUAL VIDEO INPUT SUPPORT DJI Zenmuse HD gimbal input support. Simultaneous HDMI and AV input support allows pilot monitoring and camerawork at the same time using just one system. MULTIPLE MOBILE DEVICE AND HDMI HD DISPLAY SUPPORT Charges USB devices, increasing on-set functionality. USB 2.0 image data output for Android synchronization. Android 4.1.2 or above recommended. ADVANCED SECURITY Encryption ensures only authorized devices receive data. Encryption can be set up through the Lightbridge app. Multiple downlinks can be connected for parallel streaming. Each can work independently without interference.


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