Cardo Scala Rider G9X Powerset Izdrukāt šo lapu!Izdrukāt šo lapu!
Cardo Scala Rider G9X Powerset
Cena: €435.00



Scala rider G9x PowerSet ir jūsu sociālais tīkls uz riteņiem. Ļaujot katram braucējam komunicēt savā starpā ar līdz pat astoņiem pārejiem braucējiem distancē, kura var sasniegt 1,6 KM.

The scala rider G9x PowerSet is your social network in motion allowing each rider to connect via voice command to 8 additional riders within a range of 1 mile/1.6 Km*. Riding as a small group? Have a 4-way full-duplex intercom conferencing call. With the G9x, pairing is fast and easy: simply ‘bump two G9x units together and you’re ready to hit the road.

The G9x you can always stay connected: pair your G9x via Bluetooth with up to two mobile phones simultaneously and talk hands-free. Want to listen to music? Stream it via A2DP from your smartphone or MP3 and listen together with a passenger to the same tunes using the Music-Sharing™ feature. You can also connect to your GPS and enjoy the built in FM radio.

Keep your G9x in forefront of technology via Cardo Community® social web platform. When on-the-go, customize settings using the Cardo SmartSet app, available free for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Enjoy the ride!

*Results may vary according to terrain

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